a twenty-something with a lot of thoughts but does not know how to express them | bilingual | musically inclined | currently obssessed with percussion instruments, especially with a drumset | boyish but likes boys | simple | a frustrated writer | loves anything and everything japanese | hangs out at the arcade a lot | sleeps during the day and works at night (most of the time...) | proud momma of two wonderful boys likes: rock music | anime | chocolates | potato chips | meat | leafy veggies | burgers | sneakers | jeans | geeky stuff | accessories | anything japanese | video games | flip-flops | drums... dislikes: posers | liver meat | people who pretend to be your friends but stab you at your back | novelty songs | compulsive liars | homewreckers if you guys have any questions, please direct them to my formspring account through my portals page. i have disabled my ask page since my formspring account is being rendered useless XD or visit these portals: facebook

Rhina San Jose

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